Affinity FAQs

How do I find my schedules?

Log into your account and look for "Tournament Applications / Game Scoring.

How do I find my opponents contact information?

1. Once you are logged into your account and on the "Schedules / Game Scoring" page you will see a watered down version of your schedule.

2. Click on the Team name (item 2) you wish to get contact information for.

NOTE: You can't get contact information from the public schedule. You must get it the "Schedules / Game Scoring" page.

How do I print my game card? (Part 1)

1. Logged into your account.

2. In the Tournament Applications / Game Scoring box, next to the team (if you coach multiple teams) you wish to print a game card for, select the Schedules / Game Scoring link. You will see a page like the image below. Note: not all items may be visible.

3. "Print Roster" (Item 1) will be visible once the game is with the set number of days prior to the game day. The number of days is set by the Tournament Administrator. Be sure to check that your Roster is correct after you print your game card.


4. You will have a pop up window appear (if you dont; look for the yellow bar across the top of your web browser to allow pop ups).

5. Where the red arrow is, you need to hit that to print your game card. DO NOT USE THE WEB BROWSER PRINT BUTTON or CTRL + P.
NOTE: If you get a caution bar across the top of your browser asking to install a Mead printing program, right click on it and install. It is SAFE, this is used by Affinity for their printing.

How do I print my game card? (Part 2)

6. You will get another pop up window. Hit the OK button in this window.

7. Your last pop up window will look like this. Hit the printer icon indicated by the red arrow.

I don't see the correct schedule. How come?

If you have more than 1 round of games scheduled for your team you will see a drop down box like this. Select the round you wish to view.

How do I enter players jersey numbers?

Log into your account.

1. Select the "EDIT" Link next to the team you wish to edit.

2. This should bring you to a Review page of your team. At the bottom you wll see the image  below. Select the "EDIT" button or at the top of the page you will see a "tab" with "Player Roster" you can also select this tab.

3. Either way it will bring you to the image below (player names cut out). Select the "Edit Player Team Info" button. You will now be able to input Home and Away Jersey numbers, positions and graduation years if desired. Be sure to put the numbers in BOTH home and away boxes.

I have more than 18 players. How do I set my active players for my game this weekend?

1. Log into your account and select the "Edit" link next to the team you wish to set the active players for.

2. Select the "Edit" link at the bottom of the page or the "Player Roster" tab at the top of the page.

3. Select the players that will be playing or De-select the player that will not be playing for that particular game. NOTE: You will have to do this for each game.

4. Hit the "Set Active Players" button once you have checked or unchecked the players status.

5. Your game card will now print only the players that you have selected (checked) on this page.

How do I enter my game score for my game?

1. Log into your account and select the "Schedules / Game Scoring" link next to the team you wish to input the score for.

2. Put your mouse cursor in the score box (item 4) and select it. A new page will pop up. See below

3. Input the score for each team. Select the player from the drop down and then either select "Goal", "Caution", "Ejection", "Own Goal" or "Injury" and click the Add button. If you added someone wrong the select their name in the box below the buttons and hit remove. NOTE: DO THIS FOR BOTH TEAMS NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

4. Hit the "Save Stats & Comment" button once you have entered everything. You can add comments if you wish to.

5. The score will update online in approximately 15-20 min.

I don't see my game time or location on my schedule.

1. Once you are logged into your account and on the "Schedules / Game Scoring" page you will see a link above your schedules indicated by the arrow.

2. Click the link and you will be taken to the public side of the schedules. Select your Flight/Bracket and you will be able to see all the game information.

NOTE: You will not be able to see contact information for any coach, other than their names from the public schedule.

Affinity and FireFox

To use Affinity properly you HAVE to use Internet Explorer. Firefox (mozilla) will not work properly with Affinity.


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